Onkyo Conion C-100 # Boombox

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Onkyo Conion C-100 # Boombox

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Weltber?hmt durch durch die Hip Hop / Rap Kultur:

Die c100 von Conion(coney-Onkyo)

Auszug aus der BBDB(international Boombox Database):

burglar alarm





made by

Coney-Onkyo factory ,Kobe, Japan

"black series" manufacturer,korea.

What's the definition of "ghettoblaster?" Many people will argue that the Conion C-100 (also released under the Clairtone and Helix & Nippon brands) is the quintessential boombox. It's loud, flashy and reached legendary status on city streets in the '80s. The obscure brand may not be recognizable but chances are you've seen the C100-F--it has made cameo appearances in countless movies, commercials and music videos over the last 20 years. Rumor has it that the Conion is a standard issue prop for any film or video that involves breakdancing.

Released: 1984


Dimensions: 75.4cm x 40.1cm x 20.4cm

Weight: 12.0kg

Output: 45W (22.5W/channel)

Dual Cassette; Burglar Alarm

coney onkyo patent

Infrared-ray sensitive alarm device built into electronic equipment , United States Patent 4646071

Abstract: An alarm device is built into electrical equipment such as a portable radio receiver or tape recorder and connected to a loud speaker unit for producing an alarm sound by sensing infrared rays emitted from an intruder and sensed by an infrared ray detector included therein.

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