TA-2570 rubber belt

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TA-2570 rubber belt

Gepostet: 07.10.2011 - 13:50 Uhr  ·  #1
HI Colleques!

I have an TA-2570 deck, and it is necessary to replace the rubber belt in the drive-system. I was looking for the correct physical parameters of this wide belt, but I could find order-numbers only. Unfortunately, the transport fees are relatively too high, therefore I would buy the belt here, in Budapest, but I have to specify in the shops correctly what I need - the device type and number is not enough, I must specify the diameter, the thickness and the width of the belt too.

Please, would you be so kind as to write me this parameters for the Onkyo TA-2570 drive system?


MfG: szucsi from Hungary (szucs.i@chello.hu)

Rubber Belt

Gepostet: 29.01.2013 - 19:52 Uhr  ·  #2
is there nothing inside the service manual what kind of rubber belt you need ?

steht davon nix im service manual, welche Ma?e der Riemen haben muss ? Sowas merkt sich doch auch kein service techniker auswendig.

habe das pdf file des service manuals vom ta2800/2570 aber ich kann da keine suchfunktion nutzen weil die seiten logischerweise ja alle abgescannt sind :(
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Re: TA-2570 rubber belt

Gepostet: 29.01.2013 - 21:19 Uhr  ·  #3
Hey szucsi!

Last weekend i changed the rubber-belt of my TA-2570.

For the reason, that my local dealer didn't have it in stock, he ordered in his central.

The size was marked on the small plastic-bag.

The size that works now in my 2570 is diameter 80mm, thickness is 0,55mm amd wideness is 6,0mm.

The old one was wideness 5,0mm

I can't exactly tell you, if that is the correct original size, but in my case it works.


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